College Binge drinking: the right to party, a risky behavior, or an inappropriate activity?

In class the other day we debated and discussed the controversial and extremely relevant topic of college binge drinking. We especially payed close attention to the stigma attached to Southwest. I, being a current resident there, was quite attentive to the discussion. It was interesting to hear what the different students in the class had to say. Southwest has a mindless partying but mostly reckless reputation, and while that is partially true, it’s definitely not completely true. Being the largest residential area on campus, there is naturally a vibrant population of students. Some students spend most of their time getting black out drunk and being idiots, but some students are a little more creative than that.


One aspect of the discussion that caught my attention was the structure and rules behind college drinking. The 60 minutes clip we watched in class outlined the two sides to the story very well in my opinion. On one side, some teachers and officers were fighting to make the drinking age lower than 21 in order to save lives. On the other hand, people were against lowering the drinking age in the light that it may increase duis and even fatalities due to drinking. I was more on the side of lowering the drinking age.

I think I agree with Mr. Perkins idea of allowing beer for underaged students on campus. It is very difficult to black out with beer because it takes large amounts for most people to get severely intoxicated. Hard alcohol however, is not nearly as filling as beer and can be consumed faster. I don’t know if that would ever be implemented but I do think it’s an interesting point.

College drinking affects more than just those who are doing it. It affects families that live near by the school, it affects other students surrounding the binge drinking, and it affects the school’s social reputation. There will be a continuous battle between underaged binge drinkers and those trying to stop it. Can you really tell a college student that they can not drink and party on the weekends? Is it a right for college students to be able to enjoy themselves on the weekend by drinking and live up to the college experience? Or is this a serious problem that needs to be toned down?


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Hello All. My name is Nancy Pierce I am a Sophomore Journalism major with an interest in women's mental and physical health. I am also interested in environmental issues as well. I loooovveee running it is my biggest stress reliever and i also play lacrosse.
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One Response to College Binge drinking: the right to party, a risky behavior, or an inappropriate activity?

  1. David Perkins says:

    I’m enjoying these recent posts on your blog, Nancy. Good substantive discussion!

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