Final Project: First interview

For the final project in class “Improving UMass”, I’m looking into alternative energy and sustainable practices on campus. Environmental issues are extremely important and necessary for not only the school community but the global community. UMass does a pretty outstanding job of incorporating “Green” practices on campus, but why isn’t there more use of alternative energy? For my project I’m going to focus on what is standing in the way of implementing alternative energy and how our campus could benefit from it.

For my first interview I contacted Jeff Quakenbush part of planning and facilities here at UMass. He worked on the ISB building and is now working on a few buildings in progress such as the New Laboratory Science building. Jeff Quakenbush gave me some useful insight into what goes into constructing a new building on campus and gave me a list of energy efficient and sustainable practices incorporated in constructing the buildings. Interestingly enough, the new lab science building being built does not use alternative energy, BUT Quakenbush explained they took advantage of the excess heat already existing from the building by implementing a Heat Recovery Chiller. Quakenbush explained how using alternative energy was not cost effective and did not work out for the building.

Jeff Quakenbush also gave me an official document accessing the checklist used for LEED guidelines for new buildings. LEED ensures new buildings utilize certain green practices.

I learned how there’s a lot that goes into incorporating alternative energy in buildings which is a good start into the project, moving on I would really like to see how more alternative energy could be used on campus…


About nancypierce

Hello All. My name is Nancy Pierce I am a Sophomore Journalism major with an interest in women's mental and physical health. I am also interested in environmental issues as well. I loooovveee running it is my biggest stress reliever and i also play lacrosse.
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One Response to Final Project: First interview

  1. David Perkins says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Good story possibilities here!! You might want to talk with Josh Stoffel, the Green Coordinator who recently left UMASS. He said my students should feel free to contact him. I’ll try to get his new email address.

    BTW, we produced a whole package of stories last year in my Multimedia Class, but I think alternative energy was MISSING! Here’s a link to it, FYI:

    David P

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