How Starbucks Changed My Life

                                                         How Starbucks Changed My Life is an autobiography written by Michael Gates Gill about how he was fired from his advertising executive position at a lead advertising agency that he had loyally been an employee for 25 years. As his life ends up in shambles at his feet with his affair ruining his marriage and his relationship with his kids, Gill increasingly sees the pressing need to make money somehow as the days go on. As Gill discovers he has a brain tumor, the need to make money perpetuates when the medical bills pile up.

This story takes you through the bustling competitive streets of New York City as a man in his 60’s loses it all and then finds a new path and a new way of thinking in of all places– Starbucks.

A depressed and jobless Gill enters a Starbucks on Broadway in Manhattan and meets Crystal, a manager to one of the stores. Crystal offers Gill a job at her store and sure enough Gill takes the offer.

Working at Starbucks proves to be not only a humbling experience for the over privileged ex-executive, but life altering as well. Gill for the first time in all of his years learns to open his eyes to the world around him and see beyond his bubble of upper class white America.

The story is a humbling one as well as inspiring. It has the message of, although you can think you’re losing it all, one door closed may lead to another one open.

I enjoyed this book in it’s simplicity as well as it’s message. It was a quick entertaining read that kept you flipping through the pages to see how Michael Gates Gill picks up the pieces and starts all over again. Also, I am a huge fan of Starbucks :).






About nancypierce

Hello All. My name is Nancy Pierce I am a Sophomore Journalism major with an interest in women's mental and physical health. I am also interested in environmental issues as well. I loooovveee running it is my biggest stress reliever and i also play lacrosse.
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